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In this version command line tools. wicd-cli and wicd-curses work fine. However, wicd-curses requires the new urwid.tcz extension which is increasing the installation size. For those using WICD in TC these command line tools and dependencies unnecessary. Also there are components not needed for those want to use in a pure MC with command line tools only.

If there is a demand, I can split it to 2 or 3 extensions (base, cli, gtk ???) to optimize it.

HAL dependency is another point. For sure HAL can be dropped safely.

Your feedback is appreciated.

What's new in 1.7.0?

The new work in wicd 1.7.0 includes connection information now being available when right-clicking on its system tray icon, the ability to set a host-name per network for all DHCP clients, support for version 0.99 of the urwid console user interface library, the introduction of wicd-cli as a command-line interface for scripts, support for numeric-only ESSIDs, the introduction of wicd-gtk as the preferred way of launching the GTK GUI, and support for using dhcpcd-bin on Debian systems. There are also a few other minor changes in the wicd 1.7.0 release.

I ran into two small problem with this extension:

(1) After it's installation the wbar "disappeared". Since I used a "clean" TC 2.7 boot (from CD, without any persistence) I was a bit surprised.

I realised that the icon file for wicd in /usr/local/tce.wbar does not exist. After changing therefore the respective entry from wicd-client.png to wicd-gtk.png and executing 'wbar.sh' the problem was resolved.

(2) I had to also install the ncurses-utils.tcz extension, since 'tput' was required by 'wicd-client'.

Furthermore I'd like to state that I like the idea to have several extensions that are supersets of a base extension very much. The current list of dependencies is pretty long (now 39, if my counting is correct). I guess for users of MC that might be a bit too much.

[edited: forgot to mention the additional extension]


thanks for the bug reports, I will fix them. Reorganization and to get rid of HAl will take some time, but will do it. At the moment I do not see a real alternative network manager.


--- Quote from: maro on January 21, 2010, 08:34:50 PM ---
(2) I had to also install the ncurses-utils.tcz extension, since 'tput' was required by 'wicd-client'.

--- End quote ---

Trying WICD on a stock TC 2.8rc4a only WICD dependencies installed wicd-client works fine and there are no any tput related messages. Where do you see tput missing?


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