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SCaLE 7x Southern California Linux Expo


Tiny Core Linux will be an exhibitor at Scale7x.

If you are in the area during the conference stop by and say hello.
I will be there demonstrating Tiny Core on several netbooks and a silent PC running off compact flash.

The first day of exhibits at Scale7x just ended and  the Tiny Core Linux booth was very busy.
It was awesome! Many familiar faces returned with greetings and many new folks were introducted to TC.
Many, many, thanks to TC Team Members, Joe and Kent for helping man the booth and for Kent for providing business card CD of the latest TC. Those CDs and all printed material were snatched up rght away. I am hoarse from doing so much talking. So many demos.
I am so proud of the TC Team's accomplishments and I want all to know that TC is being well received by the Linux Community.

Sounds great - one of these days I'm going to have to try and make it to one of these things  :)

Scale7x has ended. It was a great. Sunday is always slower than Saturday, but it ended in a flurry of visitors. It was well worth the effort. A great showcase for our accomplishments. Thanks to the fine folks at Southern California Linux Expo for having hosted Tiny Core Linux!

Hey Folks,

Back home safe and sound.
Had a great time! 
Hats off to SCaLE7x for putting on a good show.
Got to meet a lot of new people, and see many familiar faces.

Looking forward to the next one...

See pics below...



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