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Great, I like it  ;D

BTW, I have seen articles about high ranked US army officers and politicians saying that there are US weapon systems based on LINUX used by the army/navy/airforce/... which is terribly risky as the Kernel is developed by Russians, Chinese and who the hell knows all these foreigners :)

And BTW they continued, that they need more money to develop something different...

we do have linux based systems.  im not going to say what runs them or or what they do but i can confirm that yes we have linux ran systems in the military.

Jason W:
Is that actually a real MS advertisement?  If so, that is the most ridiculous logic they have tried to sell people on yet.  That is like saying that if 90% of bank robbers use Windows then if you support Windows you are supporting bank robbery. 

Bank robbers or terrorists can obtain any OS they want, and things such as cryptography is available in Windows as well as proprietary Unix.  Pirated copies of those are easy enough to come by.  Linux is not enabling them by offering anything that is not readily available elsewhere.


--- Quote from: Jason W on November 09, 2009, 04:58:38 AM ---Is that actually a real MS advertisement? 

--- End quote ---

I don't think so :)


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