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HOWTO: mplayerplug-in in Firefox and Opera

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I tried MPlayer-svn-gtk2.tcz and it works for me.
Are you sure that you configured mediaplayerconnectivity properly?

It should look like this.

mplayerplug-in working here with Mplayer-nodeps.tcz (in opera)

Now that we finally have Mplayer working in conjunkshun ;) with FireFox....
How do I get rid of the Adobe "download, install, you must, sky-is-falling" messages ?

I found that configuration changes (FireFox about:config 'plugin') to disable errors, also disables the Mplayer plugin !



--- Quote from: neonix on November 06, 2009, 10:50:19 AM ---Tip 3. If you want to watch YouTube videos without Flash Player, you will have to install this script.

--- End quote ---

Script no longer works and is no longer maintained.


which is stressing download fuctionality in description, when selecting a format with the additional "Download" button created on YouTube page, by default Open|Save dialog pops up in opera and when selecting "Open" then mplayerplug-in starts :)

Above userscript provides support for YouTube "Feather" beta as well.

I don't use "Download YouTube Videos as MP4" script because it doesn't work with old versions of Opera browser.

Also I don't use mplyer-plugin anymore. I use ViewTube script,
and redirect url straight to commandline mplayer.

In Opera browser:
I open using Ctrl+F12 Preferences > Advanced > Downloads > video/mp4 > File type
I set
Open with other application
aterm -geometry 4x1 -e /usr/local/bin/mplayer
I also set
Pass web adress directly to application

[I use aterm window, because sometime when I play flv files, mplayer suspend. Then I can simply close mplayer by closing aterm window.]

Tip. 5
If you want to listen to music videoclips without overloading your cpu, you can just turn off video processing. Using:

mplayer -vo 123
this will play audio only, just like in internet radio player. Your cpu doesn't have to decode video stream. But if you use
mplayer -vo null
cpu will be overloaded by video processing and you don't see video, wasting your cpu power.

Tip. 6
On userscripts.org website, there's many other scripts that are useful for users who don't use Flash player plug-in. Especially for people with slow cpu.


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