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look at linus torvalds

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Look at the smile on his face; Linus may turn the thumb down in a death-gesture at the next second.

Any video clip?

One way or the other - it does not matter. I would not be even surprised if Linus used Windows.  I would not be even surprised if he is disgusted with the current Linux the way it is... Linux went over to the dark side, to follow Windows with loads of senseless bloat and inefficiency. There are hundreds of distros and none good (Well, maybe except TinyCore...).
Multitude of Linux Distros are created and they die. Those which survive thanks to their large development base are often the worst examples of bad quality - See bmarkus on Mandriva...
Lack of centralized management and control is probably responsible for this fragmented landscape of Linux, which means Linux is not able to compete on the desktop side.
Instead of senseless wasting programming skills to create hundreds of poor quality distros, a unified strategy should be in place to create one Linux system that is high quality and can truly compete, putting all that wasted programming effort in one place, for one single purpose. Had this happened, Windows would be history...

Big changes will take place by themselves and with the time it takes.
The assumption that you do can be achieved only in an ambience of non-freedom.
The current situation is a natural evolution of GNU/LINUX not of LINUX only.

well put

as bloated packages die off
and tight fast linux becomes the norm
the world of Microsoft - office, media, at home or in gamer lounges
is numbered

there's a reason Microsoft sponsored Apple and Mac
they needed an enemy - fearing a breakup due to anti-trust laws
and they built an enemy that was vastly inferior
in terms of market share, open architecture
and number of available aps

now the tables are turning - evolving - through the GNU process
and we've gone beyond open architecture
and far beyond 2,000 programmers in Redmond
dominating the world of software

I will take a wild guess
and predict that within 12 - 24 months
80% of the Windows users of the world
will have at least tried Tiny Core


I'm not sure MS was after anything than good relations with a small competitor (and, of course, profit)...

And hopefully, MS takes a hint from lean distros like TCL, but it's unlikely. The time frame of 2 years is even more unlikely. I'm willing to bet that 95% of Windows users are incapable of opening up command prompt and doing anything useful with it, much less installing a somewhat 'alternative' Linux distro (as opposed to mainstream ones like Ubuntu & Debian) with somewhat arcane features. That 95% is probably happy where it's at, or at least, not discontent enough to search for other options.


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