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look at linus torvalds

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I hope he didn't go to the Burger King booth.
What Win7 does to your computer BK wants to do to your body  :P

Linus has a face of a million dollars
 ;D     <----incredible, he is

There are a minority of people who feel very strongly about Linux or a particular Linux distribution. In some ways similar to the way they feel about a football team. (I haven't seen it on this forum.)

They may have strong feelings against Windows.

They may even have strong feelings against other Linux distros.

Some people can even become hostile to those with a different view.

Everyone has freedom of choice. Freedom to use Windows. Freedom to use other Linux distros. Freedom to have different opinions.

Linus is an intelligent, well balanced person, who understands this.

He doesn't focus on negative information about Windows.

He just offers another alternative.

An alternative which is slowly reducing the Windows monopoly.

Yes, Linus is a dodger  ;D


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