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Maybe extension requests should be all kept in the one place, to save littering, and easy locating.

Following on from off-topic posts here, http://forum.tinycorelinux.net/index.php?topic=326.msg2101#msg2101 ,
XWC is very like XFE (it's what XFE was based on, but is now discontinued, I believe), and it doesn't require Fox Toolkit.
For anyone only wanting a minimal (1.1MB file) filemanager like this, this is fine.
The latest XFE is a lot more sophisticated.

"Xfe aims to be the file manager of choice for all light thinking Unix addicts!"

I'll herewith submit a formal request for XFE.tce.

Request for mc (non-GUI)

While we are thinking of file managers, what about the "essential" one?

i wondered where that was too. it's great to see things i would have requested already made into extensions, i would have wanted html2text but it's already there.

inkspace (a more recent version with floodfill if it's not too large, otherwise you have to draw polyshapes or settle for line drawings) would be nice...

as would kompozer or if necessary, it's predecessor nvu. nvu is a lot closer to kompozer than very early inkspace next to more recent.

it would be awesome if there was an "mtpaint" of svg graphics (speaking figuratively,) but i haven't seen anything lighter than inkspace that lets you do much.

I have mc working in TC, but it's not ideal.  It seems to be fine for most features, but subshells don't work.

Jason W:
I've built Rox filer and will upload it shortly.  I will shoot for having XFE today as well.


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