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Maximize Screen Real Estate with borderless windows.

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If you are running TC on an eeePC or say a TP240, or otherwise have a small screen here is what I run.

I edit the first <Width> and <Height> tags of .jwmrc-theme. They are defaulted to 4 and 20. I change both to 2  Then restart the window manager from the right-click popup system menu.

This provides nearly  borderless windows, an almost MAC like experience, in that all window operations are controlled from the top taskbar by right-click on the selected area.

I like it for I can just jam my mouse to the top to manipulate the window in many ways.

It also gives more screen real estate which is nice on the smaller screens of "netbooks".

And of course you can still use the keyboard to control various window operations, see .jwmrc-keys.

hehe, fun. alt+f2 gives you a menu also, and you may find it's a lot easier to get at the top (if not as perfectly minimal) by setting height to 3, 4, or 5.

even at 2, if you move the mouse to juuuuuust the right pixel, you can click "close."

Thanks for sharing those, Roberts. I have installed TC on my eee pc 701 (800x480 resolution only!) and thus will try those tips.

By the way, I like curaga's tiny "watcher" program which I used docked in jwm. I wish there could be an option to make it even smaller by not showing the swap statistics (no swap may be common on netbooks with flash drive)

Thanks :)

As it's open source, you can easily modify it. To remove the swap printing, you'd only need to edit three printf lines. I might add an option later if this feature would be popular.

If you really want to maximise your screen real estate, use a window manager like ratpoison, which I would highly recoomend. My 840x600 looks too small, if I use any other window manager...


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