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/usr/local/tce.* ownership and perms

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What are the proper Owner, Group, and Perms for the /usr/local/tce.* dirs and contents?  I was under the impression that the dirs should be 775 1001:50, menu and icon items should be 644 1001:50 and post-install scripts would be 755 1001:50.  But I see in TC booted base norestore that the dirs are 775 0:50.  Since these setting have become more critical in 2.4, I would like to have a difinitive answer on this.  TIA  ;D

Jason W:
I see in the unzipped tinycore.gz directories that are 755 and 775.  Both should be fine. 

As for /usr/local/tce.menu,tce.icons,tce.installed the ownership should be tc:staff with 775 or 755 perms.  The audit script checks for ownership of those dirs.  Tce.installed is naturally the most critical.

775 may be more ideal since TC is multiuser, correct me if I am wrong.

Jason W:
Confirmed.   Please make /usr/local/tce.installed with tc:staff ownership and 775 permissions.

Jason W:
Actually, the original permissions of those directories is root:staff ownership and 775 perms.

So I will update the extension audit script, and please make the /usr/local/tce.* directories root:staff, 775.

..but doesn't tce.installed need to be tc:staff, i.e.

tce.icons - root:staff
tce.installed - tc:staff
tce.menu - root:staff


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