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do I need to bcrypt the package before sending? There in the wiki was said that gmail provides enough security to do not so. Is it actual data?

In addition, I found no package named mp3blaster in official repo, so I believe it's all up to me, no need to agree with anyone?

I've built it for myself, it works (as tcz) and it depends on four small packages only, instead of a whole bunch of them in cmus dependence tree. mpg123 also requires only one or two dependencies and is quite small but it doesn't provide nice looking CLI GUI, playlists, file browser, doesn't play not only mp3 but ogg and flac and wav files too (and mp3blaster even can convert them somehow) and so on. I do not know if cmus does provide it too and what is it like, because it never worked for me. It chains so goddam many packets in dependencies, some X junk, and much more, and then I ran it and it won't start complaining of not finding some MORE libraries. I installed the required just fo' lulz and it still won't play for some more reason, I don't recall why. But anyway, is it good to install twenty or more dependencies for one CLI music player? mp3blaster is nice.

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Hi Scampada
The wiki used to say use bcrypt. Why that was removed, I don't know. Last time I submitted something I used bcrypt.
mp3blaster.tcz is in the TC4 repository and was submitted by juanito. As a courtesy, you should send him a PM to see if it's OK.
I removed the color tag from your post to make it readable.

Okay, I still have vague idea of repos for other versions, I installed TC a few mere days ago and checked only default one. OK, I will, thanks for the tip.
It looked strange indeed, I was trying to 'exclude' that part of the message with some kind of "offtopic" designation. There is no [offtopic] tag here, am I right?

Is there any coordination thread in the forum where one can find all actual and deprecated packages and their maintainers?
For example I had found and compiled for myself a tiny utility that can make screenshots in .png from framebuffer with almost no dependencies -- unlike some kind of scrot which has a pack of deps or fbdump which needs an additional utility to convert its output from ppm to png with e.g. NetPBM package which is huge and requires perl.
But I can't know if there is any similar utility in use or it once had been in use but is deprecated, or who's its maintainer etc. And it's rather difficult to find it through tce-ab.
(The package I found was written using a bit outdated libpng library standard, I have fixed it a little; it still throws a pair of warnings but it builds and works properly.)

you can use the apps gui to search tags on "screenshot" or similar, but this will show only the extensions  in the current repo for the architecture in use (x86, x86_64, etc).


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