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Guidelines for extension submission

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Hi CaptBill
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Jason W:
About submitqc4, I would rather not get into building templates and trying to determine build deps, it is mainly for checking what is already there.

no, no; no determination of the dependencies, only the empty file.
The idea is that, once started submitqc4 on a new package, this pulls out all the required files, so that one should only worry about finish to complete built-dep and info file (but already having the structure) and the .dep, deleting it if don't need (pack with no dependencies).
In short, a little help for lazy people :P

Jason W:
Basically it comes down to that would be more stuff I would have to work on, debug, and maintain, and I really don't have the time resources to take on any more than I already have.  But there are some good routines in other folks' build scripts that do that very thing with the info and build-dep files. 

in fact this is not fundamental, it is just to talk about potentiality  ;)


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