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Jason W:
It was caught in the spam trap.   I have forgot to check it recently, sorry for the wait, I am tending to it now.

Hi Jason,
I am having an issue with the fpc.tcz (freepascal) not loading correctly. I am live cd booting with a local tce directory. The problem seems that the file structure on my system is usr/local/bin/fpc and the fpc.tcz structure loads it as /usr/bin/fpc.
Is this an error with set-up on my end or is it a typo in the fpc.tcz? Should fpc.tcz run with the stock config or should I adjust my path somehow?

The compiler seems to load and work correctly. It is the IDE that hangs, apparently because the directories are not there. The IDE is "fp.exe" the compiler itself is "fpc.exe" to test it.

I have notified the creator (Arslan S)

Thanks in advance

No, fpc.tz has its files in /usr/local/bin.
fp.exe is not a Linux program.  Are you trying to run a Windows program?

Small O.T.: Jason, what do you think if your script "submitcqc4" would create a template for build-dep, packname.tcz.info (with autocomplete of pack name, dimension and date of creation) and empty packname.tcz.dep?
The request is for lust of completeness, it isn't absolutely vital  ;)


--- Quote from: gerald_clark on October 01, 2011, 09:21:42 AM ---No, fpc.tz has its files in /usr/local/bin.
fp.exe is not a Linux program.  Are you trying to run a Windows program?

--- End quote ---

I actually meant to say the source files directory for FPC (which contains  a specific file ppc386).
The  tcz contains a fc.cfg that appears to not see this ppc386. And it is a hidden file at /home/tc/fp.cfg which I cannot change without modifying the extension.
Looking closer, I think I was mistaken on the cfg not looking right. It looks to be correct after all.

And looking closer that means I really need to talk to the author on this, being a fpc configuaration issue.
And, hopefully, the fix is simply finding his working config for Tinycore.

Author, 'Arslan S', left no contact. Hopefully you know where to forward the message, would be great.


exe hahaha oops (is it .so?)


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