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Jason W:
There have been occasions that users have posted links to their extensions instead of submitting them.  The team has discussed this issue and agrees that submitting extensions is the way to publish your extensions, posting links is not.  While posting links to extensions seems like a harmless practice, posted links have not been reviewed for legality, form, or potential malicious code before they are available for download.  TC only distributes software that is legal for us to distribute.  And though I can't review every line of source code in an extension, I can and do examine scripts as well as general extension content.  I have faith in the TC community when it comes to the issue of malicious scripts in extensions as I know no one here would not try to harm other users, but remember that anyone can sign up on the forum and begin posting.  I would rather our community have the distributed extensions go through the basic checks before being available to all.   As well as the extensions be available through the appbrowser for all to enjoy.

I hope you all understand.  If you have in the past placed links to extensions please do not feel offended.  But do realize that the submission process is open to all and everyone is invited to contribute.  Submit your extension and it will be posted within a day in almost all cases. 

Posted links to extensions from now on will be deleted by a team member as a matter of policy. 

There are about 450 extensions in the TCE area now, and we thank the community for all your work.  Keep the extensions coming this way.

EDIT:  Oh, and if you have trouble with gmail or any aspect of submitting extensions just contact me or post about it in the forum and something will be worked out ASAP.

Jason W:
Now that we have two major versions of TC, please specify which repo you have built your extension for so I know where to put it.


5.6.09:  This is very important now that we have two repos and things built on 1.x don't necessarily just work on 2.x.  PLEASE specify which repo each extension goes in.

I sent an email to the tcesubmit address above on 2010/08/22 and never heard a response. I'm interested in doing Texas Instruments msp430 development and would like to see packages added to enable this. I was wondering if I would be duplicating anyone's effort.

Jason W:
I don't know of any outstanding mail that I have not processed, let me look and see.  There is a chance it has fallen through the cracks.


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