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I have been playing with Tiny Core on a eeePC 900A.

Currently booting from pendrive, then using ndiswrapper.tcem I get wireless working.
Download OSS and sound works. Then select from other applications.
I have my tce dir on /mnt/hdc1 as well as my backup.

This is the cheapo $199 BestBuy model. I will be dropping Xandros and placing TC on the 4GB SSD.

Now booting from ssd. It was too easy as eeePC uses grub.

Made a directory called tinycore on hdc1 as seen from booted TC pendrive.
Copied over bzImage and tinycore.gz into /mnt/hdc1/tinycore/
Edited menu.lst located at /mnt/hdc1/boot/grub/menu.lst to add Tiny Core entry.
Comment out the hidemenu line and change timeout to 15

reboot! done!

TC lives peacefully with other OS.
I can boot TC or choose Xandros from the grub boot menu.

Little computer loves little TC.

what about the built in webcam?

There is also eeebuntu in 3 versions

The American version of the 900A does not have a camera.

I don't know what your point is by referencing eeebuntu?   
This forum and post is about Tiny Core.
Which is quite different in size, concept, and boot  time.

For those who got eeePC Micro$oft XP version on Christmas, but love to play Tiny Core:

--- Creating TC ---
Following Robert’s advice to create a bootable USB TC and copy it to a SD card (or simply connect SD reader to USB port and create a bootable SD)

Insert the SD card to the eeePC’s built-in SD slot.


--- Booting TC ---
Boot up the PC, and then press [Esc] key; wait for the (grub-alike) menu.
Choose either the default or the Tinycore (The default is also a copy of Tiny core).

Enjoy it!

Just like grub, many versions of TC can coexist on the same SD; e.g. rename the folder ‘boot’ of RC 7 to “boot7”, copy the folder “boot” of RC 8 onto SD and add the entry of RC 8 on the file – syslinux.cfg – which is UNetbootin’s grub cfg. (Don’t forget to edit the old entry of RC7).


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