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leafpad-0.8.15.tce broken


Hello !

I just wanted to say that leafpad-0.8.15.tce is broken.

After the Installation of the Extension Leafpad cant be started .

The Error message that is outputed in the console is

"error while loading shared libraries: libfontconfig.so.1: Cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"

Jason W:
Hi c-coder,
Was leafpad downloaded by the extension menu or by other means?  Fontconfig is in the .dep file for that extension as it is a dependency.  It is also in the dependency file of gtk+-2.tcel.  Fontconfig should be already on your system if you are running gtk+-2. 

Hello Jason.

Thanks for the fast Answer.

Yes the Leafpad extension was installed with the TCL Application.
It has also downloaded and installed the needed dependencies like gtk and so on for the application but it looks like
something is missing.

I have now installed additional the fontconfig.tcel extension and the error message has disappeared.

I assume if you boot in a fresh tcl with no extension installed and try to install the leafpad extension you will get also the
error message that leafpad is broken at the moment.

Jason W:
Hi again,
I booted with "tinycore base norestore nolocal" and downloaded and installed leafpad-0.8.15.tce from the menu and it installed it and it's dependencies ok.   And leafpad worked fine.  I don't know what it could be as it should just work.  If you can, try one more time with "nolocal norestore base" just to make sure.


I'll echo that Jason W was correct ... works fine here.

Perhaps time to close this thread.


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