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nobackup bootcode?

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I'm sure I've read post(s) (by Roberts) on how to avoid the "Backup" checkbox being checked when trying to Shutdown, Reboot, Logout.

I know it is possiblel to exit out of TC with the Backup checkbox auto-unselected. E.g. using:

--- Code: ---export BACKUP=0 ; exittc
--- End code ---

 but I can't find the posts in the forum (my search foo is failing me) and I've tried a few random keywords with no luck. The skeleton .profile file always sets BACKUP to 1.

In a related topic is there some way to find out what TC boot codes there are, some are missing from  http://www.tinycorelinux.com/faq.html#bootcodes and I'm wondering if there is somewhere I could look (with grep or something). E.g. is there a place where there are many calls to showbootcodes that I could then see how the codes are used (or is this all in the kernel)?

Thanks in advance!


You can look at /etc/init.d/tc-config.

If /opt/.backup_device is an empty file, there won't be a backup created.

If you want to leave the option open to backup on demand, you can add export BACKUP=0 to /home/tc/.profile and include that file in a tce.  If you do this, make sure you add .profile to .xfiletool.lst so it won't be overwritten if/when you decide to create a backup.

Would it take a lot to make this a part of gui configuration, as option to chose? E.g. personally I would prefer the 'backup' option to be off by default, to preserve pristine state each time, except what was intentionally backed up in result of planned setup process...

I have, in fact, been considering a change in this area.
First, I see new users confused when they first encounter the exit routine.
No backup can be performed because, no location was ever specified.

Yet specifying such is just as simple as specifying the PPR tce directory.
Quoting from Core Concepts:

--- Quote ---You can initially select the storage device by using the boot option of: restore=hdXY or after boot, by selecting "Backup/Restore" from the "Panel". Your backup will be automatically searched for and restored during subsequent booting.
--- End quote ---

On the other hand, I have provided the env BACKUP to control where a backup should be performed or not. Setting this to 0 stops any request to do a backup.

Then we have the norestore option. Using such will skip restoring backup data during this boot. However, currenly, you will still be pestered about doing a backup upon exit.

I am considering having the norestore option causing the backup box to become unchecked.
Thereby using norestore would also mean no backup, unless you take action to indicate otherwise.

To to help the new users, if no backup was specified and no norestore was indicated and BACKUP is set to 1 and a 'tce' was found, then default to using the 'tce' directory location. This would be consistent with the usbinstall method of defaulting the backup to be in the tce directory.


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