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TCE extension type deprecated as of TC 2.4

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Jason W:
TC 2.4 will not support the tce extension format.  Please only submit squashfs tczs from now on.  If you are using the tce2tcz script, please use the one in the latest TC release as it uses squashfs and not zisofs. 

does this mean that the tce extensions prior to TC 2.4 are not going to be supported either?

It will be a planned migration. First announce, then discourage access to tce area, by way of website, documentation, and gui tools .e.g., appborwser.

I realize users may likely have large collections of tce currently in use, so therefore removal for support of such from core will come much later.

By announcing our plan, users can also plan accordingly. This will not happen that soon. I see several release candidates, typically a week apart, before the website changes. During release candidate testing it will only mean no obvious gui access to the tce area.

Jason W:
Some extensions will take some detail in the startup scripts to accommodate both copy-to-ram or mount use.  Feel free to ask in the forum if help is needed in making these scripts or any other issue.

I think that dropping of TCE extension is a very important new for Tinycore users: it should be reported at least in the concept page ( newbielink:http://www.tinycorelinux.com/concepts.html [nonactive]), which is the main front page for new and old users.


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