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Author Topic: Is anyone interested in linuxcnc on rpi tinycorelinux to maintain/host file?  (Read 786 times)

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I have had a rpi tinycore package for linuxcnc running a few years ago now but plans changed, so don't known what to do with it. I remember the tcz was around 30Mb so not a tiny package and there were some compromis made to reduce dependencies and size.

I know that it will probably cost much more hassle than its worth to support people or alternatively make people angry that they are not being helped to install it. So the whole idea of distributing it seems pain to all.

But I thought maybe before what little code I have bit rots into white noise I should offer to "give some shit back to the communitry"

So if there are any interested parties(more than 4 individuals that post reply request) I will somehow workout how to tar up the files and email to someone who offers to host the files.

I imagine it may already be too late as the way dependencys and upgrades go the system may well no longer compile. But if there is enough interest I will make the upload and even give an hour or two of time replying to questions on this forum.

I am going to be giving away my rpis to newphews/neices as xmas present and probably help them install new raspbian so may have time whilst doing that to try recompile linuxcnc from fresh install of latest raspbian.

So I leave this here and should get around to doing something around xmas time or early new year if there is enough interest.