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Author Topic: a fool and their money are soon parted, arstechnica on one of the latest scams  (Read 1572 times)

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a fool and their money are soon parted, arstechnica on one of the latest scams


speaking of scams, recently came across many reviews of fuel filters for sale online where the filter element isn't properly installed/fastened/epoxied/etc and so the dirt just flows right past the element and on into your engine...sigh...

as always, buyer be AWARE and buyer BEWARE!

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Thanks for the heads up.....

so this is true genuine  firmware + Literature scam......i know it's happened with USB pens For man many years

Firmware lies. and literature lies.   (the hardware is still true....it's chips) it's what's written on the box about the chips that is lies.

Here i am busy this weekend figuring out stuff which is puzzling me.

The (hidden truths) of WHY  things in life operate the way they do............

i remember the INTEL LIES  a few years back now...(amd and the eventual story broke)
(it must have been cheaper for INTEL to admit it....soon after lying)

Intel then proceeded to subsequently  "skupper" the GOBAL LEGAL  SYStEM so that only USA RESIDENTS got offerred a $15 dollar rebate ........if they applied........

........Just ONE country out of 252 countries got offerred the small rebate $15 per country population..........while the remaining 251 countries of the world got ZERO compensation for the lies.
INTEL is a "USA" COMPANY you see........

it didn't affect me other than in it's complicity, and integrity. I think that sharing this information here serves my counscience.
(and while the world doesn't have a choice just essentially TWO cpu brands)
in x64 land .........it's still a 100 percent LIE therefor isn't it....) 

anyway , many people do the best they can with what's on offer and what they can afford.



ps. to even concieve of the amounts of money invovled above....is difficult on the

To even concieve of the amounts of money involved here.....is truly mind bending.

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