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Tiny Core Linux: What mode do you use?

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??? Hi! What mode of operation do you use for your Tiny Core Linux? ???

I have a usb boot with extensions I use all the time in /mnt/sda1/tc, extensions I use some of the time in /mnt/sda1/tc/optional, downloaded extensions in /mnt/sda1/extensions and older versions of my own extensions archived elsewhere on the stick.

I've a mixture of tce and tcz extensions, though mostly I use tce unless I'm trying to compile something big

The nearest I can say is PPI, but I'm still trying to figure out what works best for me.  I'm also experimenting with remastering certain parts, but I keep breaking it, so I haven't come to a definite decision yet.  That might be partially a result of trying to convert a PPR TCZ system into PPI, rather than using TCE, but I'm just stabbing at stuff for now.

My TC spin is an usb boot, where some things are remastered in (some settings, wallpaper, some extensions like nano and advcomp). I keep a mix of tce's on the stick, but not in any auto-detected dir, I prefer to load 'em myself from the command line when I need them.

as a creature of habit, i boot with the toram option. i wanted to see how that works amid the options, and this may actually count as one of the options listed. but right now i'm not using any of the built in persist methods, if i want to save a setup i'll just copy the rc files to a folder and create a script that copies all of them into place. so it's a little like cloud. although i like to save the extensions for reuse.

i haven't gotten around to putting them on a custom iso in either a tce folder or option folder (like dsl allows, and tc seems to) but i may in the future. doing it this way could seem like more trouble than it's worth, but it should work from distro to distro, and i don't have to weigh the official options. it feels more like i'm being lazy, but doing things your own way is one of the great things about linux.


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