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Author Topic: Forum reference.  (Read 834 times)

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Forum reference.
« on: June 13, 2021, 10:36:18 AM »
HEllo Forum,

Thanks to you forum, i have managed to
get references on topics and solve several platform and software issues

As (that work was in progress)  it provides further

My issues, of a compounded nature.....comprise several things
at the desktop Graphics level, and concerning drivers
for AMD graphics chips.......also "application software(s)"
of which ......multiple instances were in direct conflict with ALL other
topics mentioned above..

i hope to learn about "backup"  and focus it in "future--proofing" my
tech equipment and software stacks.

A lot of proprietary devices have a "rescue partition"
but it would be a better world if things were Physically "Doubled up"
and real mirrored copies of systems and software stacks
were kept.(on physically different devices)

My current situation is "profile" files for world wide web
browser(s) ........which the system has just decided to negate
and throw out......
That renders ALL prior browser settings "discarded" and lost.

CAn't understand how that has happened.  Seemed to be
conflicting sofware(s)  which have no robust nature. 

System  seems  to perhaps need over-haul.

(i hope to help the forum with some  topics  regarding priming of
systems......as used in  military computing industry for Nuclear
submarine(s) & such like