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Author Topic: wifi hotspot iptables / net-sched or other way of limiting traffic  (Read 2327 times)

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Hi there

I've seen the recent notes about PiCore possibly coming to an end :( - I know since Bella has not been able to assist things really have almost stopped and I wish I knew how to help more. I'm not really a dev guy at all BUT we've managed to use TC as our platform for delivering in-store radio.

Now we are stuck on 8.1.5 and this does most of what we need BUT obviously with no future dev, we will have to look at other distros :( - That being said, the challenge I wanted to try solve on a few existing deployed piCore systems is the wifi hotspot.

I have hostapd running and dhcpd BUT how do I start getting say :

30 minute limit in place per 24 hours / user
2mb / download limit
and if possible even limited URL access?

As I say, I'm not a dev guy (maybe one day ;) ) but looking at IP tables etc, I'm totally lost. I tried to get nginx running to in an ideal world even make a "captive portal" - but this seems even more over my head.

I also tried to use a TCZ that Bella made called net-sched - But this doesn't give the command "tc" (traffic control) as I thought it would?

Absolutely any ideas would be awesome! I would also welcome anyone that is keen or has the time for side work to contact me as I really hope to solve this asap.

Chat soon - Bye for now.