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Author Topic: 4MB partition boundaries  (Read 2361 times)

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4MB partition boundaries
« on: June 30, 2019, 01:33:55 AM »
Just a note for you guys creating your own partitions on sd-cards ...

Although PiCore is relatively nice to sd-cards running mostly from ram, one can still optimize by using 4mb *boundaries*, and not the usual 1mb.

Cards these days are big, so the 3-mb "wasted" may not be as much of a concern as it would be 10 years ago.

Note that this is far different then when doing a "dd" with a blocksize of 4mb, ie

dd if=./picore10.x.iso of=/dev/sda bs=4M  <<-- not the spec I'm talking about.

This is NOT a reference to burning with a blocksize.  Just so you don't get confused. :)  It's a partition-boundary thing instead!

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