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Author Topic: Downloading extensions without appbrowser access. -Jason's script needs update  (Read 2621 times)

Offline ltrk

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I am trying to get CorePlus 9x running on a machine with only a 4g modem for network access. So I had to download pppsetup, usb-serial etc offline from another machine.
I stumbled upon Jason's script:
 which downloads extensions and dependencies and found it very useful. From the remarks in that thread the script is no longer being maintained.
It  points to 3x and I had to tweak  it to run it with 9x.

I thought that this script is very useful and should be updated and hence this post.
I have not come across any starter pack for my situation and in any case a script that can enable offline install can be very handy.
I have used something similar on ubuntu with dpkg where u can collect missing dependencies for a package that needs to be installed. Then use wget on another m/c with internet access to download those files and then go back and locally install on the isolated machine.
This is a request to update the script since I think it could help others.