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Author Topic: new archictecture  (Read 3530 times)

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new archictecture
« on: December 05, 2018, 08:50:46 PM »
Hello forum,

Was just finding a new computer at 6 usa dollars. It runs Linux and isn't any regular archictexture

ARM , intel x86 whatever.......but is infact  the C-SKY archictecture

(It's their own original achictecture design......  it's not a derivative or based on others)

THe SOC chip is by "NationalCHIP" corp from china.....the  "GX6605S CK610M SoC"  microchip.........sporting the C-SKY's  CK610M cpu processor.

 GX6605S CK610M SoC


(i think the low price of it is availale on similar Chinese equivalents of web sites like ebay.....)

Taobao,  (web page) 


They also sell entire set-top-boxes with the chip in.....for about 5 dollars (min order 2)


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Re: new archictecture
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2018, 11:13:03 PM »
64MB RAM, 4MB SPI flash. Forget it.
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Re: new archictecture
« Reply #2 on: December 20, 2018, 05:35:41 PM »
Hello forum,

Was just finding a new computer at 6 usa dollars. It runs Linux and isn't any regular archictexture


Can you really find something in such budget?

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Re: new archictecture
« Reply #3 on: January 04, 2019, 05:23:22 AM »
Hello forum.....Happy new year to you all,

i was just wondering if you know how rare is a computer architecture (or new ones?) or is it simply the case that certain architectures are extremely complex and are therefor unlikely to ever be repeated (in style)

For example, i think Intel and Amd (who are the largest PC chip suppliers in the world) have only ever had
the x86 32 bit IBM architecture or the x64  (64 bit).

While i appreciate the CORES of the wide ranging Intel chips are different, Kaby Lake, Ivvy Bridge etc.....they are still share the same architecture right?.

I realize most smartphones and home entertainment boxes on earth are ARM architecture....indeed ARM sell about 3.2 billion licenses per year......

There is ingenics MIPS and stuff..........

so i wonder then ....is it the case that x86 and x64 IBM are so complex that they likely will never be repeated upon?...only by the likes of Russian PC's that use  ELBRUS architecture which is MIPS anyhow......(how rare is that?) (Tavolga Terminal PC)
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elbrus-8S  (althoug it says the arch is VLWM)  a derivative of mips?

i guess also ARM Risc is too complex and will never be superseded .

I know Intel chips are used in half a billion dollar jet airliner flight decks.....a380 and stuff  (they are x86 chips and sometimes they use Motorola also....which again i believe are x86

SO why is it then....that say a cell phone company will indeed pioneer an architecture and OS of their own from scratch?.....(is it because they are much more simple right?)

For example an Alcatel cell phone 10.66 ..............which contains a Nemo G SP6531E  cpu...but i believe again  that this even ARM anyhow..........like say the SPRD SC6531DA cpu is......in many phones...

I know there are many CPU makers.....Spreadtrum, Allwinner, Prism by Wondermedia etc etc....about 40 for handhelds.....but they are all ARM

So prolifically at domestic home and PC level it's just been two architectures and 3 Brands......INtel ARM and AMD.

I know NVIDIA make cpu's too......of course...powerful architectures like PASCAL architecture...

but indeed when you look at the Wiki page about computer Architectures....SPARC etc.....it's pretty dam sparse...

So is it the case that x86 and x64 by IBM we have almost had for 40 years....(x64 less years)......... is that because they have not been superseded because they are so complex?...

I know windows is something like 56 million lines of code.....Linux 3.2 Kernel about 15 million lines.....apparently.......but that is OS's isn't it..?......... do those facts therefor represent just how complex an x86 architecture actually is....?   (Tinycore is about maybe 20 thousand lines?)

Anyhow, i know MS  is a swearword around here, but if anybody is interested in free software there is a small free app called Chocolatey.....it's a command line app and you just download it.....it opens up a repository of about 6500 free win32 tools (one click installs)............. if anybody is interested)

To list the approx 6500 pacakages you type at the command prompt where your choco folder is
"choco list --page=0 --page-size=7000"
To install anything it's just the packages name  "choco install notable 1.0.1 --x64 -y"   (notable is a note taking tool... 64 bit)
To learn about any package it's just "choco info notable"

best wishes  forum


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Re: new archictecture
« Reply #4 on: February 16, 2019, 02:05:12 AM »

The Chocolatey repo and apps list ....... 6311 free  apps for win32 and 64  (one click installs)



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