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Author Topic: New User Registration Issues  (Read 2218 times)

Offline Areal Person

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New User Registration Issues
« on: June 28, 2018, 10:03:09 AM »

Look, I got a PHD in CS and also a BS in EE, I'm not stooped. Sorry for all the wind on this one, but all my vents are open.

I had gotten locked out of my g-mail account and I've not been here in decades. I Forgot my password and thus tried to re-register as a new user. The robot/human challenge was shown in the attached image. I had already failed one or so before.

Maybe I think like a machine because I'm a CS/EE engineer.  If that's actually true, then all computers should be destroyed as they
modify individual humanity and are thus possibly dangerous in the long run. Or, maybe I'm just frustrated over not being able to access the forum posting option and thus, am over reacting.

The Robot/Human challenge I received several times was ...
1) Almost Completely Ambiguous.
2) Required Guessing,  Trial and Error, for the answer and also the method (two tier logic). I mean, you might guess it correctly.

But you can also easily guess wrong because the challenge presents as, Ambiguous in its method, easily triggering "Faulty Assumptions" (That's a formal English term by the way).
This process quickly locked me out, not allowing me to register and thus I could not access the forums posting feature, or re-register.
I never got it right, I finally remember my password (got lucky). I think the correct answer is ... But I just realized that, right now !
There's probably a good amount of people who just give up and move along to a different product/solution. I almost did, because I almost had no ability
to participate.

Please if someone would help me understand what I did wrong when I tried to register?
Should it be so ridiculous that real people are excluded ?
What percentage of identified robot attempts are actually rejected humans ?

Does anybody even care about this kind of stuff?

Glad, but lucky to be here, (Please don't ban me)
Areal Person (That's always been my handle here)

Offline Rich

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Re: New User Registration Issues
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2018, 01:32:03 PM »
Hi Areal Person
Looking at the attached image, I have to agree with you. The image they are asking you to match bears no resemblance to
any of the other images. Maybe one of the administrators could take a look at the  "Are you human?"  test to make sure
humans can actually solve it.

Offline figosdev

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Re: New User Registration Issues
« Reply #2 on: June 28, 2018, 10:07:11 PM »
the real problem here (and im totally serious, having just gone through the business of registering) is that javascript is required.

in the 90s we would have just used cgi, but javascript makes everything cheap and unpleasant.

note that im not even truly "anti-javascript," but im certainly against exploiting how cheap it is to make it more difficult to register on web forums. not that i expect to change the way registration works-- just to say that if javascript was avoided instead, everyone would probably be happy.

you may think this has no relevance to the steps i took to register-- this is a 2d design issue.

i maintain that javascript likely made it worse-- it was during that same step (which seemed to be buggy) that i turned js on. im going to go with my first theory then; the one ive posted here.
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