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Freeing the desktop from wbar

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Hi Robert!

I guess that it's you a should address in this matter. I have commented out wbar in .xsession and it works fine but if I change the background, wbar reappears again. Is there a way to prevent this? Many thanks for a splendid release of MC!

Have fun,

Use boot code noicons

For microcore, I will pull wbar and offer as an extension in the same fashion that jwm is.
For now, use the noicons boot option.

Hello again Robert!

Thanks for your reply. It works just fine although I have a pretty special setup with 12 boot options. That has made that some things just don't work like they should. So at times I have to come up with some special workaround to keep things like I want it. By the way, I should have remembered the solution you mentioned since you mentioned in the same thread that Jason W mentioned the option to comment out wbar but this day has been very poor healthwise. My head feels like aking mush and no good to remember things. Thanks again!

Have fun out there in cyberspace with MC and TC,

there is noicons option , is there any icon=icon_or_panel_name option ? or will be ?


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