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Is anyone working on a wine extension? I was looking into this since I need to update my BIOS and only Windows files are provided by the board manufacturer for BIOS updating....and I've only updated a BIOS in Windows before.

I was going to start this on Monday if nobody else objects.

I doubt that would work... and even if it could, it's probably not a good idea, in terms of safety.

Do you mean i.e. win32 files, or dos/windows 98 files?  I haven't heard of a Win only situation before... usually there are options for DOS, and BIOS options are becoming popular.


--- Quote ---I doubt that would work... and even if it could, it's probably not a good idea, in terms of safety.
--- End quote ---

Good point, I thought about it more and I'm going to see if I can find a Windows drive somewhere, just to be on the safe side. Since it will be a onetime thing.

I can still work on a wine extension.

As I understand it you would boot from DOS on a usb stick or floppy to flash a commercial BIOS like Phoenix for example.  Never heard of anyone doing it under Wine.

Here is the end of my output for ./configure:
--- Quote ---configure: libhal development files not found, no dynamic device support.
configure: libsane development files not found, scanners won't be supported.
configure: libgphoto2 development files not found, digital cameras won't be supported.
configure: libldap (OpenLDAP) development files not found, LDAP won't be supported.

configure: WARNING: libxml2 development files not found, XML won't be supported.

configure: WARNING: libxslt development files not found, xslt won't be supported.

--- End quote ---

I have libxml2, libxml2-devs, and libxslt installed. I think the XML support can be added if the libxslt devs can be supplied.

As for the hardware support...should it be a concern to support those in wine or should I assume those devices can be handled in tcl?
Does anyone have an opinion on LDAP/OpenLDAP?


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