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Author Topic: New tc-install script  (Read 2650 times)

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New tc-install script
« on: March 14, 2017, 05:24:31 AM »
Hello everyone.  :)
I've been having ideas with the tc-install.sh script for a while.
The new script is still under testing with bugs waiting to be fixed.

* New Function: Net install mode  8)
* Adding support for SD card
* fetch_devices rewrite for SD card detection
* Auto-check all cdroms for kernel, initrd
* Cross-Platform Installation
* add "linux", "bootable fat16", "unknown" for chain load menu instead of assuming it's "windows"
* update dep list for newer syslinux
* auto detect xbase.lst from CD instead of out-dated hard code default (install with X/GUI)

* change indention style, TAB --> 2 spaces
* add "use32" "use64" aliases
* use "echo" for fdisk instead of redirecting with EOF
* move "toggle active partition" near the end of the script
* remove unecessary "windows" menu for (unbootable) data partition
* modify tc-install.fl for detection of either core.gz or corepure64.gz
* fixing potential bugs here and there (hopefully not creating more)  ::)

Known bugs:
* "vfat", frugal install sometimes fails.
* chainload don't always work with none M$ OS

Full dependence list:

The Net install mode will fetch the latest stable release vmlinuz{64} core{pure64}.gz
By cross-platform, I'm referring to installing 32 build with 64 session, or the other way around.

I have attached an iso file so you can test it with virtual machines more easily.  ;)
I can't upload everything due to the size limit.

In the ISO file:
fetch_devices  -->  copy this to your /usr/local/bin
tc-install.sh     -->  copy this to your /usr/local/bin
source             --> source code for GUI

To compile:
Code: [Select]
tce-load -w fltk-1.3-dev compiletc
tce-load -i fltk-1.3-dev compiletc
fltk-config --compile tc-install.cxx

This version is very different from those on the repo and I need all the help I can get.
Thanks everyone for their help
Cheers  ;D