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Author Topic: How to kill user session  (Read 1183 times)

Offline Adam

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How to kill user session
« on: February 11, 2017, 07:54:06 PM »
Hi all,

Normally in order to kill user session, I'll use the following command in Linux OS.

Code: [Select]
sudo pkill -9 -u username
Unfortunately, -u is an invalid option in Core.

Code: [Select]
tc@box:~$ pkill -9 -u userabc
-9: invalid option -- 'u'
Busytc v1.24.2 (2016-05-16 13:46:43 UTC) multi-call binary.

Usage: pkill [-l|-SIGNAL] [-fnovx] [-s SID|-P PPID|PATTERN]

Send a signal to process(es) selected by regex PATTERN

        -l      List all signals
        -f      Match against entire command line
        -n      Signal the newest process only
        -o      Signal the oldest process only
        -v      Negate the match
        -x      Match whole name (not substring)
        -s      Match session ID (0 for current)
        -P      Match parent process ID

Then, I use -x instead of -u, but it doesn't work too. The user's session is still there. Please advise.

Offline Rich

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Re: How to kill user session
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2017, 08:05:28 PM »
Hi Adam
It looks like you are using the busybox version. Try one of the  procps  extensions.