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Tinycore Vista desktop

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Check out the screen capture of my Tinyccore Vista desktop...and NO I didn't do a paste up job in Photoshop or Gimp, this is a straight capture.  I'll entertain a few thoughts on how it happened and if nobody comes up a winner, I'll let you know how I came upon this.  I laughed when I realized what was up.

the image is here

and check out the tinycore-only desktop I posted earlier tonight


sorry... wrong URL

Great work - although isn't that Mac OSX icons in wbar (I have the same on my Arch distro - and the apple grass background one one desktop, but the vista grassy hills on the other - jwm allows you to do stuff like that!)

Actually Kerpob, that's Windows' RK Launcher showing up on top of wbar.  I enjoy the joke of using the Finder icon to launch Windows Explorer.  btw...the key to figuring out how this happened is in the screen capture itself.


Does it involve qemu?


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