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Do you 'halt' or 'poweroff'?

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I have been using 'sudo halt' to shut down my computer.
I think my DSL-2.0 uses 'halt -d -f -i -p' when I use 'halt'.
Because TinyCore uses Busybox's halt, things are little different.
When I use 'sudo halt' on TinyCore, I have to push the power button myself
to shut down the computer.  So, I use 'poweroff' instead.
Because 'halt' is shorter, I am thinking of making 'halt' call 'poweroff'.
But, I do not know if that's good or bad.

"sudo shutdown" turns the power off on my laptop, so you could have a look at the script for enlightenment...

If you want a shorter name to call halt, you might have to use a shell alias or something similar instead if you are worried about that.

FYI, shutdown will use poweroff

Hi Juanito,
I didn't know about  I took a look at it.  I like it.
Now, I can just type '' to shut down my computer.

Hi ^thehatsrule^,
I will use a shell alias.

alias halt=''

In the end, I am glad that I asked about this.
Thank you for the answers.

i usually use sudo su then shutdown, but since that does not appear to be an option (no shutdown) in tc, i used reboot.

what? reboot? yeah i was using it for shutdown -rn 0, a (probably naughty) thing i only use because it's faster than turning it off and on when i've got nothing mounted and i'm using toram. so i suppose for tc, poweroff.


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