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Author Topic: city life and connecting DSL services  (Read 1577 times)

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city life and connecting DSL services
« on: September 09, 2014, 04:06:12 PM »
Hello TCL team and everybody,

this is just an off topic post about city life and DSL services in residential urban areas.

Today, i had the extreme fortune of becoming the recipient of a totally brand spanking
new appartment to live in. Even had to remove shrink wrap from ikea kitchens and triple
storm proof glazing (blu)....they had left some fragments in the thin corners.  God only knows what this apartment cost to build......    0___0

Earlier, in the not to distant past, my home was a service flat someplace else while we waited
on my new surprise flat...(i did not know about this new place becoming mine until today)

onto the point of the post.....

1) upon leaving my old place for complete rebuild..i cut the phone line seeing as half the
workforce were form every corner of the globe...i didn't want
any calls to Behjing or maybe Outer Mongolia for 8000 bucks on my line..

2) My DSL company were very kind and they gave me the 3 months free DSL while rebuilding apartments was happening..

What is so interesting today is that after a whole 3 months and not one single phone call or activity on that phone line....the line simply fired up and so did the DSL in an instant.  This greatly surprised me
as i have nearly 2 honors degrees in telecoms and i am more than sure that robots scan traffic on IP's as standard from any ISP provider.

How come my DLS had not been throttled down or somehow limited in a whole 100 days?

do you know?....does anybody know why that would be?

I would have thought robots CHRONS would have seen a dead line
within some certain time period right?....it's very difficult for me
to understand that point.

Ok it's just a inactive copper wire ....to a "digital telephone exchange"
then out to an ISP provider.  But also with no incoming or outgoing phone calls on the phone line in 100 days  (the telco did NOT know my absence from the phoneline...i did not tell them) it seems almost unbelievable  that the system just completely fired up again today.  It took me about 2 hours to connect the phone wire back where i had snipped it....and plug the router into the new apartment outlet. They builders had wired all the new phone extensions and correct sockets.

It's real good luck, one would be prudent to say..right.

i simply put myself into the position of a "Digital Telephone exchange" manager.  The number one thing i would want to know is about active
or inactive phone lines. Seems though that even a third of a year
will not register abnormal or dead..... yet your bill is monthly?

anyway....it was luck.....just like the new apartment was

but i wanted to thank you also...... because it was getting close to having to
go to TCL again and it's solid reliable wired internet power.  Messing around
with doing network connections can start to drive a novice bonkers on any OS....like me

where-as TCL just seems "to work" out of the box onto the word wide web or
at least to a repo to get a WWW browser and get onto the WWW.


but i am still not speaking too soon here.....and will keep an eye on this wired connection....

There is a very nice group of routers here. THere are 4 of them, two of which
are the absolute latest from British Telecom.

It was difficult for me to know about "cable lenghs" also and i also feared
that some of these routers had just a Cross-over cat cable affair....don't know
why i thought this but i have experienced it before....actually having the wrong cables but being unable to even know this,..

all these fears were laid off .....and it's touching midnight now...but these services are all working again.

If you ever move apartments in the future, you may want to simply use your telco's "lock outgoing calls" code .....which you punch into the handset free. Not sure if it stops DSL though. Well it won't do.  Stopping DSL would mean a more stringent measure. What can anybody do with your DSL?....uh, i am no expert but i imagine, quite a lot..!

You will no doubt know all about this, such as router lock codes?.... and DSL log in passwords. THere is no password for mine.

These days, as you all know, people are a lot more concerned about privacy ....so the stuff above really surprised me in , well, 2015.

Therefor, with the new services on this street at 76mega bit optical there is a slight issue of performance since i twisted the Pair manually myself to reconnect the severed wire. You may think this is strange, but in the circumstances there was little choice at the time.



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