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Author Topic: new 2 ghz quad CPU and 8 core GPU chips  (Read 2737 times)

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new 2 ghz quad CPU and 8 core GPU chips
« on: February 13, 2014, 09:12:06 PM »

these chips inside android boxes are now getting some extra power.  Quad core 2 ghz chips with
8 core mali GPU cores.

Linux can be installed in two clicks using tools like "complete linux installer" from the droid
store. (as long as your Android Kernel supports "Looped devices"

As for hardware graphics accel in Linux, that would need investingating.

These boxes are basically 100 percent faster as the fastest chip currently on offer (in this arena)
They also offer 100 percent more graphics power.  I think these boxes will be about $129 or will
certainly come down to that in a short enough space of time.