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How to get a virtual remote desktop working.

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After spending many hours trying to get the...tightvnc extension to work, I found this post.
After studying your scripts and trying my own versions based on yours, I now have ..tightvnc working.

Thanks so much,bigpcman,  for taking the time to share your scripts.

I think the instructions posted with the tightvnc extension should be changed by adding a "&" after both
Xvnc :1

it would really help us newbies  get off the ground

wow now Im confused.  so in a nutshell, how can I simply get Xvnc running at boot with wbar and flwm?


ok, after a little fiddle i have a down and dirty way. 

1, apply the tightvnc from the repo
2, edit ~/.xsession and on a newline after "waitforX" add :-
           Xvnc -geometry 1024x768 -depth 24 :1 &
3, at the bottom of the same file add :-
           DISPLAY=:1 "$DESKTOP" &
           DISPLAY=:1 setbackground fill /opt/backgrounds/"$BACKGROUND" &
4 as root, edit /usr/bin/wbar.sh and comment the two lines in the middle containing WBARPID (by putting a # at the beginning of the line)
then add this file to /opt/.filetool.lst for persistance.
5  your vncserver will now start on boot, use your vncviewer on linux or ultr@vnc on doze and point it to 192.168.0.?:1 or the ip of your tc no password needed.

this sort of thing may make some people scream but ittl work if your in a hurry.


Hi stunix,
I am trying to put TC4.01 on a Toshiba Magnia SG30 very similar to Lees SG20.I have followed Lees lead and installed the hdd in my laptop and it works fine,ie I can VNC to it from my windows machine using tightvnc. having followed your information in the previous post,I  get a 1024x768x24 grey screen but by right clicking I get the options,click on control panel then wallpaper and then "done" and it works well.When I transfer the hdd to the magnia and use the same commands it fails to connect, I think vnc is not starting,however if I ssh to the magnia using putty and type Xvnc :1 it appears to start vnc and i get a few lines on the screen.If I then try vnc again I get the grainy grey screen  (at 640x480x8)but right clicking does not give the system options. I am not too familiar with the CLI yet so would like the back up of a gui for now.I have installed xampp and it all appears good whilst in the laptop.My feeling is that the edits in .xsession are not being passed to the Display ?
Thanks in anticipation

You guys are making me want to try the whole vnc thing, especially on the Magnia.  Stunix, your step-by-step procedure looks easy enough I can't wait to try it... but I'll have to - too tired tonight.

Its probably not industrial strength security, but on my local desktops I have xtrlock start first thing when X comes up.  I suppose that would give -some- protection on an exposed vnc (if it would work at all).  Of course the non graphical machines use noautologin.

hi friends,

security must not be luxury.
your well-written solution can be tunneled in a ssh-protected communicaton.
you are able to write so well-tuned code and scripts, please use your ability for security, too.

vnc through through ssh can be pretty easy:
mini-howto, very basic, quick and dirty:

host1: ssh -L 5900:localhost:5900 host2
host2: xvnc
host1: vncviewer localhost:0


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