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Does anyone else resemble this remark?


--- Quote ---Don't worry Clive, it just means that like me you're a creative "right brainer". You look for creative solutions to problems whereas our organised "left brain" brothers look for logical solutions to problems. Chaos breeds new ideas whereas as Order simply perpetuates old ones. Chaos is a creative force- order a maintaining one.
Matthew, Staines
--- End quote ---

actually i think his comment sums it up best. i used to be this way but like roberts i always try to maintain the collection, removing the things i don't use, particularly things i don't use that i didn't create. sooner or later i started applying this to my apartment, using plastic crates as "folders" for my things. i was lucky to have easy access to a full size dumpster, and i "deleted" items, particularly large ones frequently. eventually the obsession with paring the collection transmuted from windows to my apartment to linux.

anyone that is not familiar with this particular joy would call it ocd. however, if you saw my room, you would never think i had ocd. (and no one that does have ocd could be fooled into thinking i did either.) things are organized but not tidy. i don't tend to use icons very long, but my room is like a desktop full of icons, with nothing in folders.

if i could access everything in there from a command line it would be different. this was all a somewhat recent innovation, though. several years ago, i was just like you, and i have photos full of old junk to prove it. computing is a powerful metaphor. as for the right and left brain, people have that all wrong. people aren't "right brained" or "left brained" by nature, and they aren't stuck that way anymore than they would be if they only lifted weights with the right arm or the left. it depends only on what you use your thinking for.

Plus they got it wrong. or look at the brain from a different side than most ;)

From your viewpoint your right side is the logical one, and left the creative.

i've always heard the left is logical and the right is creative.

my understanding is that mostly, the left controls the right half of the body, the right controls the left half of the body. so it's not surprising if most "right brained" creative types are left handed. (although this may not be the fact.) but this is a very wikipedia like approach to things. actually let's see what they have to say about it:

--- Quote ---Popular psychology tends to make broad and sometimes pseudoscientific generalizations about certain functions (e.g. logic, creativity) being lateral, that is, located in either the right or the left side of the brain. Researchers often criticize popular psychology for this, because the popular lateralizations often are distributed across both hemispheres, [1] although mental processing is divided between them.
--- End quote ---

the article explains that the exaggerations are based on legitimate research and includes this table:

Left hemisphere functionsRight hemisphere functionsanalyticalholisticverbalprosodiclogicalintuitive

I've always had the opinion that scientists spend most of their time poking at things in the hope that something makes a little bit more sense of what they're exploring.  Can't say that I believe anything about the left/right brain thing.  There seem to be certain areas that are influenced by certain stimuli.  Beyond that it's mostly speculation.  It seems the researchers themselves have a similar belief, up to the point when they are offered cash to give a succinct explanation of their work to the media.


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