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This thread is probably not important...just a couple of things I noticed....

glib2-devs is nearly twice the size of glib2.  I find that bizarre, considering most dev packages are much smaller than the runtime packages.

Isthe glib2-locales package a necessity, or is it just if you don't speak US English?  In other words, if I compile something using glib2-devs without specifying --disable-nls or similar, do you think I'm going to need the locales at runtime?

The gtk2 info says glib 2.16.4 is needed, but the only glib package I see is 2.16.6.  I assume as long as it's equal to or newer than 2.16.4  it will work?

Jason W:
It very much varies on the size relationship between the main package size and the devs size.  So far they seem to mostly comparable.  Sometimes there is a large -devs extension and a small main one, but that is not the norm.

I normally split the -locales from extensions to save size, but I like to make them available if folks need them.  Tiny is the default, but I don't like to discard parts of packages since some will want them.  Locales are for those who want other languages like Spanish from what I understand.  I have never really used them since I don't use other languages.  So they are not normally needed.  I am not sure how it would work if you build a package with the -locales installed from glib and do not use --disable-nls and then later do not run with the glib -locales loaded, but I don't think the app itself would fail to run.

I will change the info file of gtk2 as glib was upgraded.  When I rebuilt gtk2 I used the upgraded glib-2.6.16, but glib-2.6.16 would work fine for a gtk built with glib-2.6.14.  So yes, using upgraded libraries for apps or libs built on older libraries works as long as the major version has not changed in virtually any case.

Thanks.  I believe that clears it all up for me.

Just noticed there is no glib-config in the glib2-dev package (needed to compile mc).  Should it be included in that package, or is it part of something else?

I thought glib-config was only for glib1 - glib2 is pkgconfig, no?

BTW - weren't we going to set PKG_CONFIG_PATH to /usr/lib/pkgconfig:/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig as a default?


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