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Author Topic: CUPS upgrade warnings and a solution?  (Read 3943 times)


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CUPS upgrade warnings and a solution?
« on: May 11, 2013, 10:42:04 PM »

Shortly I will be submitting updates to cups but need to give some warning and a possible solution to those who won't like my new sizes.

CUPS upstream has split into cups and cups-filters.

Ignoring dependencies  existing cups (old cups) is about 3.4 M but new cups ignoring dependencies is about 7.6 M
but I have built it with more dependencies......so before they arrive, let me explain how you might get by with old cups.

How to keep old cups
Method 1
Move all cups* and libcups* out of your tce/directory, say /home/tc/cups
To load cups do this
Code: [Select]
tce-load -i /home/tc/cups/libcups /home/tc/cups/cups

Method 2
copy them to /home/tc/cups
allow update to over write existing old cups in your tce/optional

load new/old cups with
Code: [Select]
tce-load -i cups (new but see post 2 for upgrade warning
sudo reboot
tce-load -i /home/tc/cups/libcups /home/tc/cups/cups

compare them, make an informed choice and if you like old cups I am sure we can still give advice.
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Re: CUPS upgrade warnings and a solution?
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2013, 10:56:13 PM »
UPGRADE warnings for new cups

cups daemon config upstream has split into 2 config files, so when you update, please remove all persistence files except your PPD. Then do a full reboot. Then do a clean install of your existing printer but you can click on the option to use existing PPD.

Warning 2.
But your existing PPD may need to have its associated TCZ loading as well for its filter to work. For example, if your PPD comes from hplip* you will still need to have that loading,
ditto for gutenprint PPDs etc.

warning 3.
cups-filters has an executable and its own init for a executable called cups-browsed.

This may allow CUPS to discover non-local printers. But I have not tested it fully so have split the exe and its init away from cups-filters and named a separate TCZ cups-browsed.

This is an attempt to reduce the complexity of cups-filters and obviously some reduction in size. More importantly, if any bugs are filed against cups-browsed, it will be a smaller package to update/fix.

I won't submit cups-browsed until much later, so you may wish to investigate post one if you need or use remote printers in the interim?

good luck

Proposed info box for cups in code box to keep font size
Code: [Select]
Optional TCZs: gutenprint, hplip* foomatic* or other PPD tczs as you need a
PPD which acts like a printer driver. HP users can check hplip via
If not found OR if not HP printer then try
This reveals gutenprint PPDs and their foomatic names. foomatic-db is not yet
in repository. There are some other PPDs in repository but not sure if anyone
is using them.

For possible detection of remote printers independent cups-filters "may" have
TCZ=cups-browsed.tcz. Search APPS for other cups related packages. CUPS can not be
used for scanning.

Wireless users avahi.tcz has not been made a dependency but libavahi has.
Shared with windows users, samba3.tcz has not been made a dependency.

** Upgraders ** cupsd.conf has split into cupsd.conf and cups-files.conf
Before reboot remove all persistence except for your PPD file.
Full reboot required after upgrade. Then follow below How-to please.
*** If you make changes to your cupsd.conf run the test, $ sudo cupsd -t

** For CUPS 1.6.x a bug report/feature request is posted to ask for removal of bannertops:
** http://www.cups.org/str.php?L4120 ( a Message from the cups-filters team)
see the doc INSTALL for cups-filters, if interested.

I have kept the security setting as Basic. You may wish to load the cups-doc and
read the security docs. You can search through the cups page, Online Help
setting=Basic broadcasts password in clear text.

Some network users may need to create (using root powers) /usr/local/etc/cups/client.conf
Contents are: ServerName server-ip
Where server-ip would be replaced by the local IP address of the CUPS server on the network.
Config is case sensitive, meaning watch out for ServerName

How-to Print
* Create a root password unless you already have one saved with
  ----- $ sudo passwd
* Start cups daemon              $ sudo /usr/local/etc/init.d/cups start
* (Optional for wireless users)  $ sudo /usr/local/etc/init.d/avahi start
* (Optional for bluetooth users) $ sudo /usr/local/etc/init.d/bluez start
* Open a web browser to page http://localhost:631/admin
* Click on add printer so that CUPS brings up the CUPS for root password input box
  -----NOTE CUPS uses your root password only for this session
  ----- unless you follow persistence tips.
* Follow the prompts to select a PPD thru some package or a saved PPD

To persist across boots-----See also cups-filters if you use cups-browsed.
*********************** add the following to your backup:
usr/local/etc/cups/cupsd.conf      (only if you changed it)
usr/local/etc/cups/cups-files.conf (only if you changed it)
usr/local/etc/cups/snmp.conf       (only if you changed it)
usr/local/etc/pam.d/cups    (only if you changed it)
etc/shadow                         (if you want to save root password)

CUPS is a standards-based, open source printing system developed by Apple
Inc. CUPS uses the Internet Printing Protocol ("IPP") and provides command-line
interfaces, a web interface, and a C API to manage printers and print jobs. 
It supports printing to both local (parallel, serial, USB) and networked printers, and
printers can be shared from one computer to another, even over the Internet!
Built with the cups usb backend (not the libusb backend)

** The following are NOT bugs but build features to allow tce-load without complaining
about special permissions, if you turn on debug mode you will see CUPS do the following:
* Repairing access permissions of "/usr/local/etc/cups/ssl" needs to be 700
* Repairing access permissions of "/var/spool/cups" --------needs to be 710
AFAIK tce-load does not like group without write permission.
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