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Author Topic: new QUAD CORE Android 4.1 "credit card size" computers $69 free ship  (Read 3198 times)

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  • hi there

have you seen the new ANDROID QUAD CORE credit card sized computers.

They are just 69 dollars new.

An Android 4.1  "quad core" arm 1.8 ghz with 1 gig of RAM.  (i think it's about 40 times more powerful than the rasberry Pi....but similar price. They also come with a CASE and free ship.

Model  = ODROID-U


i think they have "digital micrphone over HDMI" meaning that many large screens that contain built in MICS will send that sound into the ODROID over HDMI.

otherwise the ODROID-U2 at 89 dollars has an analogue microphone socket on it


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