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what do you think about adding bootcode backup[=time]?

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to automatically backup was made after a preset time
or by default if don't specify time then backup was made each 45 minutes for example
of course it can do as separate extension but it seems to me that would be nice have it in core

Maybe you could use  cron  for that?

of course i meant this
already have bootcode cron
but when using bootcode backup (or maybe autosave)
then even automatically add cron task

The philosophy is to have core be as small as possible with extensions for added features.
This is not even a new feature as it can be accomplished with the current system using cron.

i think that it will add three or only two additional lines to /etc/init.d/tc-config ;)
but it will be convenient for beginners who may even not know what is this cron
by the way as simple example i also never have worked with cron
but if you want i could make and submit these three rows for your consideration
or can someone else will want to do this :)


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