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tc-install will not install to sda3 because sda1 is mounted


I booted a TinyCore4.6rc2 CD. It found the tce directory from my TC4.1 install and mounted it. I started the tc-install
app which was already in the tce directory using the following parameters:
Existing Partition on sda3
The check boxes for  Mark Partition Active  and  Install boot loader  were both un-checked
No formatting, use existing
No additional boot codes
Install extensions from  /mnt/sr0/cde
When I clicked on proceed, I received a message that the installation could not proceed because a partition on
sda  was mounted.

Hi - If I understand the problem correctly, you need to boot up with the "tinycore base" and/or "tinycore norestore" codes and then use "tce-setdrive" to choose the partition that you want to install on.

I think that tinycore will scan partitions to find if there is anything to work with - according to the faq:

--- Quote ---Note: This tce= boot option is only needed one time! The System will autoscan for it upon each boot. However for faster booting, add the tce= boot option to your bootloader.
--- End quote ---

Hi spence91
Thanks, but the problem is not about installing extensions, it's about the install utility installing the
operating system.


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