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I broke my isolinux.cfg, and my google-fu is failing me [solved]


Hi all!  I'm trying to tell my remastered CDs to not use the boot menu.  My isolinux.cfg file looks like this:

--- Code: ---DEFAULT core

LABEL core
KERNEL /boot/vmlinuz
append initrd=/boot/core.gz quiet noutc host=Test_6d cde
--- End code ---

and the contents of /boot/isolinux are isolinux.bin (which I have not modified), and isolinux.cfg.  I deleted the bits that were mentioned in the original cfg file as relating to the menu, since they ought to be unnecessary.

The only changes I made to the filesystem were adding extensions and custom scripts that are caught by .filetool.lst - I didn't rename the kernel or anything like that.

S'anyway, when I burn and boot the disk, it goes fine until it tries to load the GUI, at which point I get a black screen with a black "x" mouse cursor.  If I hit ctrl-alt-del to escape the GUI, the CLI is responsive and works just fine.  Also, when I boot the same disk image without removing the menu items, it works fine.

Anyone know what's going on here?

1. Have you tried to run xsetup?
2. What happens if you add bootcode "norestore"?


--- Quote from: tinypoodle on August 10, 2012, 10:46:05 AM ---1. Have you tried to run xsetup?
2. What happens if you add bootcode "norestore"?

--- End quote ---

1. I have not.  Why would one do this, and what would it entail?

2. I will find out; it will take a few minutes for me to find out.  I'll post an update when I do.  Why am I trying this?  Doesn't norestore tell TC to not bother loading the backed-up files?

1. To see if X properly works after configuration.
2. To exclude that backup files play any role.

...I'm not sure what just happened, but I put the old disk (e.g. Test_6d) in the machine again, and it worked this time.

So!  Marking this as closed for the time being; I'll update if it starts doing it again.


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