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udev-extra & udev-keymap: issues if copied2fs


if this extensions are copied2fs the rules already present aren't being overwritten like it happens when mount looped.

Arslan S.:
i don't see any issue here

they must be overwritten to get advantage of udev-extra else it is pointless to load it

Not related to this bug, but I really don't think extra rules belong in udev-extra. If I just want the util apps, in order to write my own rules, I don't expect it to add rules of its own (or overwrite existing rules!).

Please consider putting the new rules in a separate extension that depends on udev-extra for the binaries in there.

Arslan S.:
it is possible to keep original ones just add etc/udev/rules.d to backup before installing udev-extra

i don't expect users to be udev expert to write their own rules, i just wish a working copy for everyone but it is not possible to make everyone happy
anyways i will add an option to prevent the rules from being copied over existing ones


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