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valgrind error: Memcheck for platform 'amd64-linux' no such file or directory



I have put valgrind.tcz package in the tinycore. I am loading it with Perl5. However, whenever I run it with any application, I get the mentioned error. I have also set the PATH to /usr/local/lib/valgrind. But to no avail. I checked the folder and found all the files contains x86 extension.
Does that mean there is no support for 64 bit?


core64 is a 64bit kernel, but it still uses 32bit applications.

Yes, I know. But I thot u may need a valgrind binary compiled with 64 bit compiler. If that is not the case then do u know what could be the cause of the error.

Use "linux32 valgrind", or just launch a shell with "linux32 sh".


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