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launching applications (newbie)

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I've managed to download and save smallbasic.cli.tcz into tce (I think)
How do I launch it ? I'd like an icon with the others.
When I tried Crome (.smp?) browser it placed its own icon and ran fine.

Hi hitsware
Not all applications come with an icon. Open a terminal and type  sbasic. There is a GUI version of smallbasic and
it looks like it does have an icon.

I'll try that
There are 3 entries of smallbasic
on the appbrowser
with 3 different suffixes
.cli , .gui , and ?
I wondered if I need 1, or all 3 ?

If one extension relies on another, it should be loaded automatically by "apps" using the *dep file.

In this case, the dep file for smallbasic-gui does not mention smallbasic-cli, so it should not need it. The third extension, smallbasic-doc, sounds like it contains the documentation for smallbasic...

I'm missing something (my first sojourn into linux)
I've downloaded a few apps and they appear in the
tce/optional file.
Firefox added it's own icon and clicking that works
(same with Chromium)
BUT ........
When I try to use the app launcher it doesn't work
(even on Firefox which I know runs)
Can someone give me a step by step on launching
an application.
Do I need to do something @ boot ? or ???
I've ruled out .scm vs .tcz by downloading
timidity.scm and it also won't do anything


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