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stopping mysqld on bot

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Hi, I have installed php5 (ver 5.3.3) "on bot" and i have always /usr/local/libexec/mysqld --based running, is possible avoid  to load mysql  when tiny core start, because i only need php5 and mysql use a lot of memory.

Thanks Luca

The mysql startup script starts it. You'd need to edit that, or kill it in bootlocal.sh.

HI curaga, i try to do as suggested in an old post adding
mysqladmin --user=root shutdowng
to /opt/bootlocal.sh but the command was rejected.
I look for mysql startup script in /etc/init.d/ services and in /usr/local/etc/init.d/services but it wasn't  there, there is a file my.cnf referred to mysql in /usr/local/etc.

Thanks Luca

/usr/local/tce.installed/mysql inside mysql.tcz.

Hi curaga, modify a tcz is to difficult for me  :'( . If i run from console
--- Code: ---sudo mysqladmin shutdown
--- End code ---
  all sql process were killed, so i try to added this command to /opt/bootlocal.sh with and without sudo but there are an error and mysql process runs.

Thanks in advance Luca


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