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setup on old laptop


I'm trying to run tc on an old toshiba satellite laptop. It has 2gig processor and 512MB ram. Really don't know much regarding other components. I have been unable to get it to even boot to a shell. When I edited the bootcode to remove the "quiet" boot option, I can see where the kernel and core are loaded. After that it is hard to read anything until the boot just locks up with the PCI bus being the last thing shown. It doesn't seem to matter which option is used.

You might try adding noapic or acpi=off to the boot options.

Hi ahoste
If that doesn't work, you might want to supply some more information, such as what medium you are booting
from, CD, thumb drive, or hard drive. And if you installed Tinycore to a drive, how did you install it.
If you think it would help to slow down the messages, the boot code  boot_delay=1000  will slow the printing
of messages down to one per second.

Also nolapic.

Thanks to all! The acpi=off option seemed to fix the problem. Rich - I did test the boot_delay option and it didn't seem to have much of a noticeable affect on the messages. Maybe I need to make it even more than 1 or 2 sec. 


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