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How about a .Deb to .scm script.


I wonder if the .deb to .tcz script could be modified to convert to .scm ?

That'd be more work than compiling from source (making sure it all works, hacking binaries...), IMHO.

Jason W:
The ability to create a portable app out of a set of tczs had allowed me to jump start the scm repo with a wider selection of larger apps that I still would have not had time to build them all from source - ie vlc, avidemux, abiword, frozen-bubble, pysolfc, etc.  It would not hurt to document the process for at least my own purposes with a script anyway.  A script has been requested once earlier. 

Ultimately, building from source is the goal with scms.  Perhaps when there are more contributors and therefore more manpower, the existing converted apps can be rebuilt from source.   But at the same time, if a converted app works, it works and no duplication of effort was needed.


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