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Some newbie questions re applications & persistence

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I am new to Tinycore though I am reasonably comfortable using linux. I like the Tinycore philosophy very much and want to try it. I have downloaded the tinycore-current.iso and tried to frugally install it on my (ext3) partition sda7. I copied the boot and cde folders /tinycore/boot and /cde folders and used grub setting as "kernel /tinycore/boot/vmlinuz quiet cde". It booted well with gui.

I then downloaded leafpad.scm and abiword.tcz from the application installers. I rebooted with backup option. However, I was booted to the command prompt only. I then copied the contents of cde folder to the newly created tce folder and I was able to boot to gui. However, now I need help with following points:

1. leafpad application is not starting on typing the command 'leafpad' (no such command). How can I set up so that it is available after booting (I do not want it or other applications to load to memory, but they should be available). Will the procedure be same for abiword (of which tcz was installed (leafpad was scm).
2. How can I set up so that leafpad and abiword are available in the menu.
3. How can I make changes persistent? If I create a text file on my desktop, it should appear on rebooting. What folder I need to create for this and what option should I put on the grub kernel line. I want Tinycore to use a folder only and not the entire partition.
4. What is the best way to I install lxde and lxdm in Tinycore.

I tried looking for these in the wiki, faq and forum search, but it is not becoming clear. Any help is much appreciated.

Not an expert, hope this helps:

1) Leafpad: have to open scmapps (either through the icon in wbar or right-click on desktop -> System Tools -> Scm Apps. Click the button Apps (upper-left  corner) -> local -> install should populate the left-side panel with the downloaded scm. Highlight leafpad and  click  the button Go at the bottom -> it should run now

2) As for leafpad, no idea. As for abiword, as it is a tcz, it should be "on demand". Right click on desktop -> System Tools -> Apps. Click the button Apps (upper-left  corner) -> Maintenance -> On demand maintenance.  That should populate the left side panel with the tcz you have, click on abiword.tcz -> it should go to the right side panel. "Current OnDemand Items". From now on when you right-click on the desktop, you'll have a On Demand section, clicking it will show you "abiword" and clickin it should launch it

3) What I have is persistent home, opt and tce (as I use it fom a pendrive:
APPEND initrd=/tce/boot/core.gz quiet vga=791 norestore swap waitusb=5:UUID="long number" tce=UUID="long number" opt=UUID="long number" home=UUID="long number"
however this is from the extlinux.conf file, I think grub is a little different
In your case, should be tce=hdX,Y opt=hdXY, home=hdXY (wherever you have your TCL). And of course, you don't need the waitusb=5:UUID="long number" as you are not booting from a pendrive
And you'll need to remove  all references to home and opt in your filetool.lst file. There is no point in backing up directories that are persistent.

4) No idea, sorry

Hope it helps

@jano: Many thanks. I will try these and report back.

Hi rntc
Please do not attempt a manual install, at least until you are thoroughly familiar with the inner workings of
Tinycore. Use the installation utility and install to an empty partition or a USB pendrive.

@Rich:  I have already installed as above and it is working OK, though there are some problems. I want to install in one/some folders and not on an entire partition, if it can be done. I would request you to go through the steps I have already done and guide accordingly, especially for installation of LXDE. Thanks for your help.


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