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[SOLVED] Apps browser can't connect


Hi there, I seem to be having problems connecting to the repository. When I run "apps" on the command line, click on Apps>Cloud(Remote)>Browse
 I get this error message

--- Quote ---wget: server returned error: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
--- End quote ---
Also, it throws me the error window telling me to check network, server, and the extension directory.
I'm not using the mirrors extension.
Is the server down right now? What gives?

Searching forum might potentially lead you to some hints how to troubleshoot this.

You're right. After searching around a while a found some help.

I'm not sure what caused the problem in the first place. Apps wasn't trowing any GUI errors, only command-line errors. In order to fix the problem I tried installing mirrors.tcz and I also tried manually editing /opt/tcemirror. Neither of those worked so I removed mirrors.tcz and rebooted. After reboot, I got the behavior described in the first post.

The cause of the final issue was that /opt/tcemirror looked like this:

--- Quote ---<some url here>
--- End quote ---
This obviously doesn't work.
I simply removed the first url and everything now works.


Which version was this on? I recall one bug already fixed in Apps where the tcemirror file was corrupted like that.

Oh, I'm sorry that I forgot to mention that. I'm running version 4.5.3


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